What We Do

ReaGenics is creating unique cannabinoid profiles, in stable laboratory controlled environments, by growing cannabis in a plant cell bio-reactor (PCBR). 

Who We Are

ReaGenics is an Israeli based company, with founders from Poland and Israel, bring the best IP to the most dynamic cannabis ecosystem. 




SUBS hub, 5 Hauman Street

Beit Shemesh, Israel

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Problems with traditional cannabis cultivation


Cost of machinery, facility, electricity, etc.


Requires skilled workers

Time consuming

Whole plants take 6-12 weeks to flower


Yields are limited

Environmentally unsustainable

Uses large amounts of space and natural resources


Variations and contaminations in the environment make plants impossible to standardize

What’s the Solution?

Control all environmental factors by growing cannabis in a plant cell bio-reactor (PCBR)

About Our Technology

ReaGenics plant cell bioreactor involves the mass-scale multiplication of cannabis plant cells under in-vitro laboratory conditions. This removes environmental factors by eliminating the need to grow whole-plants to obtain bulk-scale, high-quality, botanically-derived cannabinoids. Having already proved successful with lavender, this technology is able to manipulate the cannabinoid profiles within the cell cultures, allowing for consistent, controllable, and patentable formulations.


With a cultivation period four times faster than traditional cultivation, ReaGenics’ technology is extremely efficient in producing controlled, customizable, and consistent cannabis biomass. Either as powdered biomass for active pharmaceutical ingredients or further extracted to produce cannabis oils, the pesticide-, mold-, and additive-free output will change the way we look at cannabis.

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About the team

Conceived at CannaTech 2018, ReaGenics was founded in Israel to conduct research and development related to cannabis production technologies.

The company was founded by Rafal Slusarczyk, a Polish entrepreneur and biologist, and iCAN: Israel Cannabis, a globally recognized leader in the cannabis industry. iCAN CEO, Saul Kaye, is a pharmacist and entrepreneur and board member on ReaGenics.

Product Pipeline:

-Irritable bowel disease (IBD) formulation
-Formulations for other medical conditions to be determined in collaboration with expert physicians.

Award Winning!

Co-founder, Rafal Slusarczyk, won sponsorship from the European Union as a participant in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. He is the first member of the program in Israel.
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SUBS hub, 5 Hauman Street

Beit Shemesh, Israel

Tel. +972 54 253 0677